Guiding Principles


The body and the mind are not separate systems. They are two sides to the same coin.  When we address one, we are automatically impacting the other.  Therefore, working consciously and explicitly with both the body and the mind simultaneously we optimize the opportunities for health and wellbeing.


Wellness is an ongoing process. There are many degrees or levels of wellness, just as there are degrees of illness. Wellness is the integration of body, mind, emotion and spirit – the appreciation that everything you do, think, feel and believe has an impact on your health.  Pain and dis-ease are the mind and body’s attempt to get our attention.  They are messengers from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind.  The wellness process is cyclical and includes awareness, support, education, integration, reflection and growth.


Life is fully lived when we are awake in the moment, and at ease in our own body and mind.  Yet, due to pressures and conditions we face, we are often uncomfortable, ill at ease and pull away from being in the moment.  This manifests in the body as somatic complaints, such as back pain, headaches, digestive disorders, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.  It manifests in the mind as confusion, anxiety, fear, worry, depression, sadness and anger.  We can learn to stay present in the face of life’s challenges, to relax and to appreciate life just as it is.


My Approach


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, trained in a variety of body-centered therapies to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human experience.  I use a variety of modalities to meet my clients’ needs.  For example, in one session a client might experience deep tissue work, conscious breathing, focus on sensory awareness and deep energetic release.


I am client-centered and flexible. One size does not fit all!  Different people need different things.  Although I offer a variety of services (see service page) that address a wide variety of issues, I approach each person with the same attitude: each session is designed around your needs, your goals, and your desired results.


I provide a context in which to integrate the many aspects of your life and to inspire yourself to fulfill your vision for your life.  You might feel disconnected and distracted in your life, rushing from one place and one role to another with little sense of continuity.  This is stressful on your nervous system, depresses your immune system and can negatively impact your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  I give my undivided attention and focus to each person I work with, creating space to slow down, reflect and revitalize your passion and commitment to your life.

My Uniqueness


When you are looking for a healthcare practitioner there are a lot to choose from. Having worked in the body/mind health field for over 15 years, I have accrued a depth of experience, knowledge and skill in the practice of integrative healthcare (see About page.)  I work from a somatic, intuitive and experiential perspective, which is grounded in the art and science of healing through the body.  I work with people confronting pain, chronic dis-ease, life-threatening illness, loss of loved-ones, sports injuries, headaches, insomnia, back pain, knee and hip-replacements, aging, stress, etc.  I have worked in a variety of settings, including hospitals, integrative medicine centers, hospice, luxury wellness spas and private practice.  All of these have taught me the power of combining expertise and compassion in caring for the wellbeing of others.



Call to Action


Now that you have a better idea about what you can expect from working with me please go to the Services page to learn about the specific services and programs I offer.