I went to see Angel, for help with my continuing recovery after a cervical spinal fusion. My appointments with her have helped me tremendously in terms of therapeutic relief for my problem areas (neck, shoulders, upper back, arms), but I also leave with a general feeling of overall relaxation. It's clear she understands the body and how it works. Her kind, caring demeanor and warm, welcoming physical space add to the positive experience.

-Jill M., Corporate Consultant


I came to Angel for help with fibromyalgia pain and she has been instrumental in helping me decrease the pain and increase my ability to listen to my body’s signals, so I can take better care of myself day-to-day. She is very patient and understanding.

-Cassie D., Dental Assistant


I work really hard in a fast paced industry, and receiving massage from Angel is  the best self-care I can give myself.  A session with Hanna always gets rid of my low-back pain and restores my over-all sense of balance.   Her therapy is effective!

 -Joy W., Casting Director


As a former athlete who is dealing with multiple, chronic and life-threatening illnesses – including heart disease and Parkinsons’, I needed to find a massage therapist who could work with me on many levels.  I have been seeing Angel for more than five years, and she keeps me positive and feeling well, amidst all my challenges.
-Rick F., Athletic Coach & Math Teacher


I recently turned 50 and wanted to find a massage therapist who could help me in this new stage of life. Angel has helped me with on-going sinusitis, as well as managing the stress of teaching


-Barb C., Educator


Angel not only has gifted hands, with an uncanny ability to sense sensitive areas, but also has been instrumental in helping me "retrain" my body to reduce patterns that create muscle tension. She creates a calm, comforting and safe environment to relax and get a fantastic massage. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

-Liz P., Veterinarian

For over a year I’ve had monthly massages with Angel.  I have learned to relax and listen to the needs of my body.  I always leave feeling terrific -- the pain in my body, from long hours at my desk,

just evaporates. 

-David P., Financial Analyst

I was uncomfortable after having surgery for breast cancer.  I receive regular bodywork sessions from Angel that include a combination of massage, energy balancing, breath awareness and mindfulness.  Her work is saving my sanity.  I’m learning to better manage my stress, and I feel calmer, more focused and energized. 

-Mary Q., Nurse


I came to work with Angel at the suggestion of both my doctor and psychotherapist following a traumatic loss in my family.  It has been one of the better decisions – integrative massage has been enormously helpful in bringing me back to myself, allowing me to be comforted and restored by a knowledgeable, skilled, caring person in a safe environment.

 -Jean A., Musician